Our Mission

In the logistics/transportation industry today, the focus primarily revolves around brokers and shippers. Carriers, unfortunately, often find themselves overlooked and taken advantage of. We believe it’s fundamentally flawed for carriers to bear the costs, do the bulk of the work, and assume high liability, only to be paid last and least. Worse, drivers are often treated poorly, regarded as expendable by those profiting from their labor, highlighting a deep-seated industry issue of undervaluing its core workforce.

Our mission is clear: to create a platform that facilitates an environment where carriers can collaborate and work together, fostering relationships with brokers that prioritize carrier interests rather than solely serving the brokers’ needs. By championing fair and collaborative partnerships, we are revolutionizing the industry and empowering carriers to reshape the dynamics for the foreseeable future.

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Simplify operations with INTELLITRUX™, an analytics portal that tracks load data, integrates with factoring and fuel cards, and analyzes your Cost Per Mile. Plus, enjoy features like QuickBooks integration, lane building, truck dispatching and more.

Broker Reviews

We're building a directory of brokers and shippers, empowering you to share and view ratings. This transparency lets us identify the best partners and those to avoid. If brokers are keeping tabs on you, it's only fair you have the insight to monitor them in return.

Fuel Cards

Coming Soon! We are creating a fuel card that passes 100% of discounts to the truck. No gimmicks, no middle-men.

Exclusive Offers

Gain access to exclusive deals that we have negotiated on behalf of you, a member of The Trucker Union. Save money on fuel, factoring, and more.

Some of Our Partners

Membership is 100% Free

The Trucker Union is an exclusive, complimentary membership organization created specifically for truckers, by truckers. This membership offers access to a variety of products and services we have negotiated on behalf of our members at no cost. More than just benefits, The Trucker Union acts as a central hub for truckers to access up-to-date information on trucking events, regulatory changes, and a platform to voice concerns regarding brokers and shippers.

Beyond these offerings, The Trucker Union is dedicated to building a community where truckers can collaborate and push back against an industry that often exploits them. Our mission statement underscores our commitment:

Our Mission: In the logistics and transportation sector, the prevailing focus tends to benefit brokers and shippers, leaving carriers at a disadvantage. It’s a common scenario where carriers bear significant costs, perform the majority of the work, and assume considerable liability, only to receive compensation last and often least. This imbalance is compounded by the treatment of drivers, who are frequently undervalued and seen as expendable by those profiting from their hard work. This reflects a broader industry issue of failing to recognize the vital contribution of its foundational workforce.

Our aim is to establish a platform that fosters an environment for carriers to unite and collaborate, building relationships with brokers that respect and prioritize the needs of carriers. By advocating for fair and cooperative partnerships, The Trucker Union is at the forefront of transforming the industry, granting carriers the power to alter the prevailing dynamics for the better and for the long term.

This vision and commitment are what make The Trucker Union not just a membership organization, but a movement towards reshaping the industry to fairly recognize and compensate the true backbone of logistics: the carriers and their drivers.

No. The Trucker Union is simply the name of our membership. We are not an actual workers union.

The Trucker Union is a membership for truck drivers, trucking company owners, and employees that work for a trucking company.

No, access is strictly prohibited for brokers, broker agents, or employees of freight brokerages. Our policy is enforced without exception, and any unauthorized access discovered will result in immediate removal from our site.

Membership is 100% free, there is no cost to you, only perks!

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